Sunday, October 26, 2014

A declaration of surrender

I am giving up the weekly round-up for the foreseeable future — taking a concentrated look at the utter depressing-ness of the world every weekend has finally gotten to me. I will continue to point out links on Twitter, and maybe I'll even be better about posting links myself rather than lazily retweeting other people's links. (Maybe.) If you're not a Twitter user — and, really, why should you be, social media is jumping the shark with tremendous vigor and noise — you can simply bookmark the Phantom's List profile page and scroll through the links posted there whenever the need strikes you. No need to sign in or have an account or anything like that.

But by now you already know where to find women writers on almost any topic for yourself, amirite? Spread the knowledge around!

As always (forever and ever, amen), thanks for reading!