Why writing by women?
Because of this, mostly. Because I started doing the count myself on the sites I frequent, and it made me quite ill-humored. Trust me, nobody likes me when I’m ill-humored. So I thought I’d do some signal-boosting for women’s writing as a way of putting me in a better humor. (Yes, I do know that many people try yoga in a similar situation. But yoga also puts me in an ill humor.)

Why do you hate men?
Because they’re boring! No, seriously. Many men are lovely people. Many wonderful, fascinating things have been written by men. But you don’t need little ol’ me to point them out to you. For that you have The Browser or The New York Review of Books. Look! It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

So, is this going to be just about, you know, women’s issues?
If by “women’s issues” you mean “things that people who are women find interesting and write about,” then the answer is yes. If by “women’s issues” you mean “diet and fashion tips,” uh, well, you know. I’m really not very interested in diet and fashion tips. I am interested in writing that shows me the world in a new way. As far as I’m concerned, the patron (matron?) saint of Women Who Find Things Interesting And Write About Them is Mary Roach. If that helps.

I found this great article by a woman! Can I send it to you?
Yes, please! You can send it to me via email at phantomscribbler+list AT gmail yadda yadda yadda, or you can tweet it to me @phantomslist.

Who are you, anyway?
Nobody. Who are you?
True, though. I'm nobody, and I read a lot. I have approximately a gazillion articles saved to Read It Later at any given time. I even read some of them. Now you can, too. But only the ones by women. The ones by men will just be my guilty little secret, okay?